• RA 43|B 20 Поломоечная машина 20л

RA 43|B 20 Поломоечная машина 20л

  • Артикул: RA 43|B 20

A uniaxial construction with biaxial comfort: the transportation wheel is lowered by foot pedal. This means the machine can easily be rolled to the area where it is to be used, the pressure on the brush is relieved during storage and the brush can dry properly.

Work close to edges and get underneath objects without diffi culty: the brush head pro-trudes out 5 cm to the side.

For easy access to batteries and motors, the recovery tank can be removed quickly and without tools.

Hygiene in accordance with HACCP: the recovery tank can be thoroughly and effortlessly cleaned and disinfected via the large opening.

The working width of 43 cm provides extended fields of applications and greater area coverage in the 20-litre class.

Quick-Stopp as standard: the brush motor and water supply stop automatically when you let go the handle.

The recovery tank can be easily tilted and then comfortably and precisely emptied down to the last drop, through the drain hose and straight into the sink – up to a height of 50 cm.

Save space when transporting and storing: simply fold the handle forward and remove the squeegee tool.

For flexible work in cramped areas, the handle can be put into the right position in one movement.

The arch-shaped squeegee tool with its patented mounting system actively adjusts to the movements of the machine and thus picks up all dirt, even in corners.

The brush or pad holder are positioned and dropped automatically: fast, comfortable and hygienic.

The standard version with its 10 A integrated charger and powerful batteries allows for up to 2.5 hours of continuous operation.

Optional: the silent version with a noise level of just 59 dB(A).

noBAC® version optional: antibac-terial tanks for every kind of sites with stringent hygiene requirements according to HACCP concept or following hygiene plan.

And: made in Germany.

DEKRA and EUnited tested and certified.

Cила давления: 30 kg
Кол-во батарей: 1
Количество щеток: 1
Мощность (W): 24 V
Номинальный вес (kg): 65 kg
Обороты щетки (rpm): 180 U/min
Очищаемая площадь (mm): 430 mm
Площадь всасывания: 730 mm
Производительность (m2/h): 1720 m²/h
Рабочий вес (kg): 134 kg
Размер (mm): 800x530x790 mm
Уровень шума: 63/59 dB(A)
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