• ST 11 Пылесос

ST 11 Пылесос

  • Артикул: ST 11
  • The allround model: with a large 11 litre bioneem fleece filter bag for professional use on all textile surfaces.
  • Keyword “customised“: the right attachments for diverse applications.
  • Steady and moveable: the innovative design with a low centre of gravity and the rubberized castor wheels at the rear of the appliance ensure stability and directional tracking capability.
  • Extremely low noise with only 56 dB (A), ideal for use in noise sensitive areas.
  • Fatigue-free working: the air flow can be altered infinitely directly at the container and also at the hand tube, according to the floor conditions.
  • Easy to transport and always tidy: the vacuum cleaner features an ergonomic handle, the plug-in mains cable in signal colour finds its place in the cable compartment or simply on the cable-hook – swiftly locked via a sliding locking mechanism.
  • Two integrated parking positions to the left or right for the combi floor tool.
  • Also suitable for hard floor coverings.
  • Exclusively by columbus: filter bags made of fleece material classified filter class M and pretreated with “Bioneem“ for antiallergical application.
Длина кабеля (m): 10 m
Мощность (W): 720 W
Номинальный вес (kg): 6,7 kg
Поток воздуха max.: 31 l/s
Размер (mm): 390x300x410 mm
Уровень шума: 56 dB(A)
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