• RA 66|BM 60 Поломоечная машина 60л

RA 66|BM 60 Поломоечная машина 60л

  • Артикул: RA 66|BM 60
  • Effortless and safe to use, even over longer working times: ergonomically shaped handle bar, easy to operate control panel including a rocker function for back- and forward movements, good all-around visibility.
  • Compact design; with a length of 138 cm, it fits into all standard lifts.
  • Optional: Various tyre variants for optimum adaption to diverse working conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly: the optional chemical dosage provides for a consistently high cleaning level with a low consumption of cleaning products.
  • Excellent suction performance with minimal noise: the suction motor has noise emissions of just 61 dB (A); the optional silent version of just 58 dB (A).
  • noBAC® version optional: antibacterial tanks for every kind of sites with stringent hygiene requirements according to HACCP concept or following hygiene plan.
  • Extremely adaptable: the adaptive brush system sits flat on the floor also on uneven surfaces – and cleans every little centimeter with full brush pressure.
  • Fast, easy and hygienic changing of brushes and pad holders: the brushes and pad holders do not only spin-off with the press of a button, they also spin-on automatically.
  • DEKRA and EUnited Cleaning certified.
  • And: made in Germany.
  • Service-friendly: the recovery tank tilts to the side for easy access to batteries and components.
  • Fresh water can be filled up in an instant – via the integrated, industry-standard system connector or via the large filling opening.
  • The two-tank system guarantees hygienic cleaning and disinfection in accordance with the HACCP concept.
  • Mop, broom and additional work materials can be carried along within easy reach on the optional tool board located on the side.
Cила давления: 43 / 53 kg
Кол-во батарей: 4
Количество щеток: 2
Мощность (W): 24 V
Номинальный вес (kg): 147 kg
Обороты щетки (rpm): 180 U/min
Очищаемая площадь (mm): 660 mm
Площадь всасывания: 980 mm
Производительность (m2/h): 2640 m²/h
Рабочий вес (kg): (180 Ah 5) 331 kg
Размер (mm): 1375x680x1100 mm
Уровень шума: 61 / 58* dB(A)
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