• RA 35|B 10 Поломоечная машина 10л

RA 35|B 10 Поломоечная машина 10л

  • Артикул: RA 35|B 10

  • The low cost scrubber dryer ideal for use in small areas and heavily congested spaces.
  • Thorough cleaning up to the edge: consistently high brush pressure in combination with a swivel-mounted squeegee, which is located directly behind the brush.
  • Large wheels for excellent manoeuvrability and easy transport up and down stairs.
  • Guaranteed perfect working height: the ergonomically shaped handlebar can be adjusted to four different heights.
  • The ultra compact design with a bevelled front provides for good cleaning under furnishings or around obstacles.
  • Hygienic according to HACCP standards: the removable recovery tank can be cleaned and disinfected easily; the cover gasket replaced in no time. Excess fresh water can be drained completely.
  • Operating handle can be folded flat across the scrubber dryer for easy transport in small vehicles and storage in tight spaces.
  • Easy cleanout of recovery tank through outlet valve into floor drain. Or, easy and functional: by simply removing the tank and tipping the dirty water into any sink.
  • EUnited tested and certified.

Cила давления: 28 kg
Емкость для раствора: 10 l
Кол-во батарей: 1
Количество щеток: 1
Мощность (W): 12 V
Номинальный вес (kg): 44 kg
Обороты щетки (rpm): 180 U/min.
Очищаемая площадь (mm): 350 mm
Площадь всасывания: 420 mm
Производительность (m2/h): 1400 m²/h
Рабочий вес (kg): 74 kg
Размер (mm): 735x490x650 mm
Уровень шума: 66 dB(A)
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