• IWV 40|100 промышленный пылеводосос

IWV 40|100 промышленный пылеводосос

  • Артикул: IWV 40|100
  • Developed for cutting and machining applications.
  • Removable container with chip sieve to separate chips and liquids such as oil or coolant.
  • Fast and easy disposal of the cleaned material.
  • Safety cut-out when the Container is full.
  • A negative pressure indicator shows filter clogging, so you can always check that the vacuum is working properly.
  • Drain valve on the bottom for easier emptying of the liquid Container.
  • Three individually switchable bypass suction motors.
  • Made of robust, epoxy-coated steel. Non-marking rollers and locking brake for safety and comfort while emptying.

    Info bypass motors:

    With the bypass motor, the suction air flow is not also used to cool the motor. The motor is cooled with a separate air flow. This stops the motor overheating when cleaning hot dusts for example.

    This industrial vacuum for oil and chips was specially developed for the particular requirements of mechanical engineering, e.g. picking up mixed materials such as metal dusts, chips and cooling lubricants. This device combines robust construction with compact dimensions, flexibility and ease of use. A useful tool in any Workshop or for daily machine tool cleaning.

Вес: 48 kg
Размеры: 660x650x1160 mm
Вольтаж: 230 V
Длина кабеля (m): 10 m
Мощность (W): 3,45 KW
Поток воздуха max.: 360 M3/h
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