• ARA 66|BM 100 Поломоечная машина 100л

ARA 66|BM 100 Поломоечная машина 100л

  • Артикул: ARA 66|BM 100
  • The easy to operate, compact ride-on scrubber dryer is ideal for the daily cleaning of – among others – clinics and hospitals, smaller to medium industrial buil-dings and markets with narrow alleys and checkout zones.
  • Battery capacity up to 320 Ah 5 for longer working time of up to 8 hours.
  • Rugged mechanics instead of electronics: simple operating switches to turn the machine on and off and for forward and backward movements. Mechanical lowering of brushes and squeegee.
  • Service- and maintenance-friendly: the recovery tank can be swiveled to the side, making components and battery fully accessible.
  • Easy to transport: with an overall length of just 138 cm both models fit into all common lifts.
  • The rear-wheel drive provides for good traction, the extremely tight turning radius of 1.9 m enables the use in multiple applications, such as narrow corridors and hallways.
  • Effortless and safe to use: ergonomic operator’s seat with good all-around visibility.
  • Environmentally friendly: all plastic parts and steel components are 100% recyclable, the optional chemical dosage provides for a consistently high cleaning level with a low consumptions of cleaning products.
  • Equipped for great functionality, customized and adapted to the cleaning task: the silent version works at a reduced noise level of only 60 dB (A) and features an integrated battery charger as well as a security-kit for advanced security when used in facilities that are open to the public.
  • Optional: Various tyre variants for optimum adaption to diverse working conditions.
  • noBAC® version optional: antibacterial tanks for every kind of sites with stringent hygiene requirements according to HACCP concept or following hygiene plan.
  • And: made in Germany.
Cила давления: 50 kg
Количество щеток: 2
Мощность (W): 2290 W
Номинальный вес (kg): 258 kg
Обороты щетки (rpm): 160 U/min
Площадь всасывания: 860 mm
Производительность (m2/h): 4620 m²/h
Рабочий вес (kg): (320 Ah 5) 690 kg
Уровень шума: 64 / 60* dB(A)
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