• ARA 100|BM 150 Поломоечная машина 150л

ARA 100|BM 150 Поломоечная машина 150л

  • Артикул: ARA 100|BM 150

The large ride-on scrubber dryer for long working times and high surface coverage of up to 7.500 sqm.
High battery capacity up to 480 Ah 5 for a working time of up to 10 hours.
The completely steady, infinitely variable brush pressure provides for perfect adaptation to the most varied and textured surfaces.
With a light touch of the automatic button, the squeegee tool is lowered and the brush head placed in stand-by position. A simple touch of the accelerator puts all functions in motion: the brushes are lowered into the desired working position, exact brush pressure is activated, the pump supplies the right amount of water – the scrubber works in a pre-set mode. Operating errors are all but eliminated, a consistently high cleaning result can basically be “preset”!
Turning circle is only 2 metres – for efficient work also in tight spaces.
The recovery tank with sleek inner walls is easily accessible and therefore easy to clean.
For effortless work with less stoppage: great machine ergonomics, matured and proved engineering for comfortable and trouble-free working.
Drain hose at the lowest point of the tank allows for dosed or complete drainage of the tank.
Locking brake for safe stopping and parking.

    Cила давления: 100 kg
    Количество щеток: 2
    Мощность (W): 24 V
    Номинальный вес (kg): 370 kg
    Обороты щетки (rpm): 160 U/min
    Производительность (m2/h): 7500 m²/h
    Рабочий вес (kg): (480 Ah 5) 955 kg
    Размер (mm): 1900x1100x1440 mm
    Уровень шума: 64 dB(A)
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